TAN Marketing

I designed and built the TAN Marketing platform to help people promote and market their own businesses and earn money from advertising, The Advertising Net Marketing solution includes a membership solution for rewards for sharing the opportunity with an affilate referral program, the functionalty to set up a branded multiple page website indexed in the business directory promoting it to the search engines as well as the TAN friends system where they can make posts about their business.

The TAN Marketing solution has been running for over 5 years and just had a major re-working to add more functionalty into the system so that it can be re-launched with more marketing exposure for people, pricing membership at just $99 annually.

Members can have an instant website using a set of default templates or have a stunning website by using the simple editor to set up their own theme and adding as many pages of content into their own site, promoted and marketed through the business directory.

Members then have unlimited banner advertising, unlimited posts on the MyTAN system and have the option of creating their own full page advertorial to promote their own business.