Content Management solutions

For many years I have written various plugins to my own content mamagement solution that allows anyone the ability to set up and build a dynamic website with unlimited content. This includes the full multi-chapter website with automatic expanding multi level menu, top navigation and unlimited content in each page. The system has news, evenets, features, testimonials, membership and everything you would need to manage a complete website through a simple admin panel.

The system has been used by many clients in the past and has several advantages over other systems, especially in the speed, with pages loading on average in less than 0.2 seconds. The content management solution includes a simple WYSIWYG editor so you can format the text as you create content, simple browse upload of images and the ability to embed video and content into pages.

The solution has also been integerated into my own bespoke ecommerce solution to provide the White-Box Ecommerce solution for retail sales and content managed sites.

 An example of the functionality and speed of the system can be seen on my railway website:-